Georgia Currency Exchange Rate: USD to GEL – Convert US Dollars to Georgian Lari

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Georgia Currency Exchange Rate: USD to GEL – Convert US Dollars to Georgian Lari

Understanding the Georgian Lari (GEL) Currency

The Georgian Lari (GEL) is the national currency of Georgia, a country located in the Caucasus region at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Introduced in 1995, the Lari has become a symbol of Georgia’s economic independence and stability. Understanding the history, design, and denominations of the Georgian Lari is essential for anyone planning to visit or conduct business in Georgia.

The Georgian Lari is issued by the National Bank of Georgia and is available in both banknotes and coins. The currency code for the Georgian Lari is “GEL,” and its symbol is “₾.” The Lari is subdivided into 100 tetri, with coins available in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 tetri, as well as 1 and 2 Lari.

History and Design of Georgian Lari Banknotes

Georgian Lari banknotes feature portraits of famous Georgian figures who have made significant contributions to the country’s cultural heritage. These individuals include artists, poets, and academicians who have played a crucial role in shaping Georgia’s national identity. The banknotes also showcase beautiful landscapes and architectural landmarks, further emphasizing the country’s rich history and natural beauty.

Some notable figures featured on Georgian Lari banknotes include:

  • Niko Pirosmanishvili, a renowned Georgian artist, on the 1 Lari banknote
  • Ivane Javakhishvili, a prominent Georgian academician, on the 5 Lari banknote
  • Akaki Tsereteli, a celebrated Georgian poet who contributed to the development of modern Georgian literature, on the 10 Lari banknote

Denominations of Georgian Lari Currency

The Georgian Lari is available in the following denominations:

Banknotes 1 Lari, 2 Lari, 5 Lari, 10 Lari, 20 Lari, 50 Lari, 100 Lari
Coins 1 tetri, 2 tetri, 5 tetri, 10 tetri, 20 tetri, 50 tetri, 1 Lari, 2 Lari

The higher denomination banknotes, such as the 50 and 100 Lari, are less commonly used in daily transactions and are more often reserved for larger purchases or savings. The lower denomination banknotes and coins are more frequently used for everyday expenses, such as grocery shopping, public transportation, and small purchases.

USD to GEL Exchange Rate: Current Conversion Rates

When traveling to Georgia or conducting business with Georgian companies, it’s essential to understand the current exchange rate between the US Dollar (USD) and the Georgian Lari (GEL). The exchange rate fluctuates daily based on various economic factors, such as inflation, interest rates, and geopolitical events.

As of the latest update, the USD to GEL exchange rate is as follows:

  • 1 USD = 2.8099 GEL
  • 1 GEL = 0.355885 USD

Mid-Market Exchange Rate for USD to GEL

The mid-market exchange rate, also known as the interbank rate, is the rate at which banks trade currencies with one another. This rate is considered the fairest and most transparent exchange rate, as it represents the midpoint between the buy and sell prices of the two currencies.

When converting USD to GEL, it’s essential to compare the offered exchange rate with the mid-market rate to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Keep in mind that exchange rates offered by banks, currency exchange offices, and online platforms may include additional fees or markups, resulting in less favorable rates for consumers.

Historical USD to GEL Exchange Rate Data

Analyzing historical exchange rate data can help you identify trends and make informed decisions when converting USD to GEL. Here are some key statistics for the USD to GEL exchange rate:

Period Low High Average Volatility
30 Days 2.7099 2.8701 2.803 0.63%
90 Days 2.6664 2.8701 2.7255 0.47%

By monitoring historical exchange rate data, you can better understand the stability of the USD to GEL exchange rate and make more informed decisions when converting currencies.

Exchanging Currency in Georgia: Options and Tips

When visiting Georgia, you’ll need to exchange your foreign currency for Georgian Lari to make purchases and pay for services. There are several options available for currency exchange in Georgia, including exchange offices, banks, and credit card usage. Understanding these options and their associated tips can help you get the best value for your money.

Currency Exchange Offices in Georgia

Currency exchange offices, also known as exchange bureaus or money changers, are widely available throughout Georgia, particularly in larger cities like Tbilisi. These offices offer convenient locations and extended operating hours, often open daily, making them a popular choice for tourists and business travelers.

When exchanging currency at an exchange office, be sure to:

  • Compare exchange rates from multiple offices to find the best deal
  • Check for any additional fees or commissions that may be applied to your transaction
  • Verify the legitimacy of the exchange office by checking for proper licenses and certifications
  • Count your money before leaving the office to ensure you’ve received the correct amount

Exchanging Currency at Georgian Banks

Georgian banks offer currency exchange services, providing a secure and reliable option for converting your money. Banks typically offer competitive exchange rates, though they may be slightly less favorable than those found at exchange offices.

When exchanging currency at a Georgian bank, keep in mind:

  • Banks generally have more limited operating hours compared to exchange offices, typically open on weekdays from 9:00-9:30 until 17:30-19:00
  • Some banks may require you to have an account with them to exchange currency
  • Larger banks in Tbilisi may accept traveler’s checks, but this is becoming less common

Using Credit Cards in Georgia

Credit cards, such as VISA, Mastercard, and Cirrus/Maestro, are widely accepted in Georgia, particularly in larger cities like Tbilisi. Many hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets in Tbilisi accept credit cards, providing a convenient alternative to carrying cash.

When using credit cards in Georgia, remember:

  • Notify your credit card issuer of your travel plans to avoid potential fraud alerts or card blocks
  • Check with your issuer about any foreign transaction fees that may apply to your purchases
  • Always choose to be charged in the local currency (GEL) to ensure the best exchange rate
  • Keep your credit card in sight during transactions to minimize the risk of fraud or unauthorized charges

Online Tools for USD to GEL Currency Conversion

In addition to physical currency exchange options, there are various online tools available to help you convert USD to GEL and stay informed about current exchange rates. These tools provide a convenient way to plan your budget, compare rates, and make informed decisions about currency conversion.

Using the Xe Currency Converter for USD to GEL

Xe is a popular online platform that offers a comprehensive currency converter tool. The Xe Currency Converter allows you to quickly and easily convert USD to GEL and access live exchange rates. In addition to the currency converter, Xe provides a range of other tools and resources, such as:

  • Currency charts to visualize historical exchange rate data
  • Rate alerts to notify you of significant changes in the USD to GEL exchange rate
  • Currency data API for developers to integrate exchange rate data into their applications
  • Xe mobile app for on-the-go currency conversions and rate tracking

Wise: Real Exchange Rates for USD to GEL Conversion

Wise (formerly TransferWise) is an online platform that offers real exchange rates for currency conversion, including USD to GEL. Wise prides itself on providing transparent, mid-market exchange rates without hidden fees or markups, helping users save money on international transactions.

When using Wise for USD to GEL conversion, you can:

  • Access real-time, mid-market exchange rates for accurate conversions
  • Compare Wise’s rates with those offered by banks and other providers
  • Use the Wise currency converter tool to easily convert USD to GEL and track rate changes
  • Download the Wise mobile app for convenient currency conversions and rate comparisons on the go

By utilizing online tools like Xe and Wise, you can stay informed about current USD to GEL exchange rates, compare rates across providers, and make more informed decisions when converting currencies.

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